Our Experience

Highlights of some of the work we’ve done…

Corporate Competency Model Development:  Created and validated Competency Model for a 100,000 member organization.  Model approved by top management to drive education and development programs into the future.

Cultural Certification Program Development:  Led multidisciplinary PhD/senior consultant team charged with developing a framework for a company-wide cultural certification program within a corporate Cultural and Language Center.

Leadership Development:  Created new full-range leadership curriculum and assessment program for two large organizational development programs (7,000 resident students/year).

Strategic Communication:  Led team of interdisciplinary experts to assess the impact of international strategic communications programs.

Corporate Climate Assessment (with emphasis on sexual harassment):  Developed novel technique for collecting corporate climate data that allowed sensitive issues to be better explored.

Enterprise-wide Job Analysis and Selection: Led team that conducted a job analysis for multiple positions across an organization of 17000+ individuals. The result was considered to be THE job analysis of such jobs by the client, and it led to an award-winning selection system.

Behavior-Based Selection Systems: Conducted job analyses for several key functions in a state government agency. Developed behavior-based selection systems.

Education and Minimum Qualifications: Developed a method for content validating education and experienced-based minimum qualifications. The result was successfully defended in federal court.

Statistical Analysis: Consulant to several large organizations (public and private) regarding statistical analysis of operating procedures (e.g., selection and promotion adverse impact, credit extension, customer claim rates). In one instance, this led to the dismissal of a credit extension complaint.

Psychometric Analysis: Assisted a large federal agency in the psychometric analysis of their recruiting, selection, and classification procedures. The results were related to 250+ jobs in that organization.

Information Technology Model Development: Reviewed and coalesced literature related to suspicion. Developed a theory which led to adoption of a model of suspicion by the client (large federal organization), as well as subsequent use of the model by several other organizations interested in individual reactions to artificially intelligent aides as teammates.

Education: Developed a new business school at a leading research university. Program granted accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Organizational Digital Transformation:  Lead consultant to help multi-billion dollar firm navigate the organizational implications of their digital transformation efforts

Assessment Instrument Development:  Lead consultant to help create a new assessment program for 224,000 members of an organization.

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